DIARY AND EVENTS 2014 and beyond


3rd February

Right, confession time.  It was too windy.  I know we’re wusses, but we decided not to tow in the high winds forecast for last Friday (which was accurate by the way), and we have delayed our trip to this Friday 6th February.

Today we had a visiting author at the Liskeard Writing Group.  Ann Foweraker came and gave us a very entertaining talk about writing inspiration, character formation and plot development.  She also passed on invaluable advice about e-book publishing, partner-publishing and self publishing.  It was very enlightening and filled me with hope that my poor book might actually be read by someone – anyone?

I also forgot to mention that I had a ride on my friend’s horse Gypsy last week.  I haven’t ridden for nearly 10 months, because my arthritis has been so bad, but with all the physio I have been doing over the last six weeks, I managed to ride for about an hour and a half and, more excitingly, I was able to walk afterwards!  This has filled me with great optimism for the coming year.

28th January
First trip away in the caravan planned for this coming weekend (30th January – 2nd February). The weather forecast is for very cold, windy and possibly snowy conditions – oh goody. I love being away in inclement weather. There’s nothing like hunkering down with the fire on, the dogs snuggled up, a pot of coffee and a pile of magazines. Can’t wait. Bob is just as excited. An excuse to do nothing with no guilt attached.

We are also booked to go to the theatre on Wednesday 3rd February to see Wicked in the Theatre Royal, Plymouth. I saw part of this musical in London, when I accompanied children up to the teaching awards in 2009. Unfortunately we were late and had to be ushered in during a break. I am really looking forward to seeing the whole thing, and delighted our friends Paula and Ian decided to come as well.

Other exciting bookings are all eye infirmary, doctors, hospital and so on. Some for us, and some for Mum. Nothing else booked yet, but hope to go up and see boys and Pip in the spring. Would love to take caravan back to France, but our pockets are well and truly empty!!

Our next trip away in our caravan will be to Gwent to visit both our sons and then in September we are off the St. Ives Festival where we have tickets to see Seth Lakeman. We are going with our dear friend Roger and his wire haired standard dachshund, Chizzy. They are very good company and greatly loved by the doods, so it should be a really good week.

This year our older son Brook married Phillipa, beautiful, funny and as precious as if she were our own daughter. We had an amazing weekend in Bristol and our younger son, Byron was a very efficient best man. Even my 85 year old Mum and 92 year old Auntie had a great time.

On the subject of the crumbles, Mum had a knee replacement in June, but is amazingly mobile already. They both remain very healthy and I hope I have inherited their longevity genes.

Why do I always start the year feeling a little depressed? Is it the knowledge that like countless others I will begin the laborious and predictable round of dieting and exercise? Or is it that this time of year is always grey, damp and unpromising? Or perhaps it is the inevitability of failure to maintain resolutions made in the haze of whiskey as midnight tolls. Whichever it is I find myself cast in the role of Captain Mainwaring’s Scottish companion uttering those infamous words ‘we’re all doomed, doomed I tell yer, doomed …’

Seriously, I cannot think why this should be year on year. I look out of the window and there on my terrace is a glorious male pheasant in full mating regalia, a jay with chequered wings so piercingly blue it makes my eyes ache, a full plethera of diverse tits (make of that what you will), a robin, blackbirds, little brown jobs (mostly dunnocks and tree sparrows, but with the odd chaffinch thrown in), nuthatches, ring-doves (delicately peachy grey in hue) and good old pigeons of the wood variety, and I can’t think of anything more hopeful and uplifting, yet as soon as I turn away the darkness of winter fills my hobbit hole and I feel, hmm what is the word? Glum, I feel glum. Snap out of it woman, pull on your boots, get out walking and start mentally planning trips away in the caravan. Anyway – Happy New Year everyone.

Our next big outing will be at the end of February when we are hoping to go to the NEC Spring Caravan and Camping Show.  We are going to combine this with a stop near Bristol to visit our older son and his girlfriend, a trip to Carmarthen in Wales to visit old friends, and a stop on the way home at Newport to visit our younger son.  The dent in the caravan (read C’est La Vie in Observations) should be repaired and we can’t wait to get away as we couldn’t do our planned November trip and it seems a long time since we went exploring.


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