The day before yesterday I took my Mum to Plymouth. She’s been pretty poorly, but her latest meds have perked her up no end. She has been talking about mobility bikes for a while, so we thought we would have a look at a selection, just to see if it was feasible for her to use one so that she can take her dog for walks without additional long walks to and from woodlands etc. Well, before I knew it Mum was trying out a pavement scooter, demonstrating that once you are a driver, you are always a driver, but then, at an equally alarming speed, I was loading a brand new, go faster red, scooter into my car. Mum doesn’t have pavements on her lane, but her scooter is classed like a pedestrian, which means that where there are no pavements, she is legally allowed to travel on the lane. She is kitted out with a high vis vest, (so is the dog!), and she keeps her lights on. We have been out for two walks and she is already adjusting her speed dial to cope with inclines. I am so impressed that with her recent poor health, visual impairment, arthritis and aged 86, she is so up for a new challenge! My Mum rocks!


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