I am confused and animated all at once.  My increased writing activity, as part of the Writers’ Group at Liskeard, has been stimulating and has encouraged me to return to my blog more frequently.  I don’t think many people read it, but I do get enormous pleasure from the writing process itself.  It also makes me very conscious that my book (Through Cracks in the Mist) is very nearly finished, and this is where the confusion comes in.  Do I send it to an agent (already had five rejections) or to a publisher; do I send out one copy at a time (which is the advice given in the Writers’ and Artists’ Handbook) or do I send out multiple copies?  I really don’t know which route to take.  Perhaps I will take advice from our visiting author at the group on Tuesday 3rd February.  We have Ann Foweraker coming to talk to us.  She is an e-publication author and I am keen to find out her experiences using this medium.  Perhaps that should be my chosen route.  I can’t help feeling though, the vanity that requires a paper object, something with my name on it, although she is bringing copies of her book with her.  How does that work?  I will ask …


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  1. HI, Nice to meet you yesterday. Ignore the ‘to one agent at a time’ stuff… that used to be ‘the way’ but now-a-days, it seems, it is fine to send out multiple submissions. However, this can result in multiple ‘stabs to the heart’ without much recovery time in between. However, it ‘gets it out of the way’ quickly though,and then you either have an agent or you choose your own path. Good luck which ever you do 🙂 keep writing! Do email me if you woulf like any follow-ups from the meeting.

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