R.I.P.? What does that mean?

RIP is such a lazy way to mark the passing of people. Surely we can come up with something that has more meaning. I lost one of my closest friends this year and it seems a pointless and emotionless farewell to simply say Rest In Peace. I would really want to say, ‘I will miss your wickedness, your irreverence, your total disregard for authority where you considered it pompous and unnecessary. I will miss your loyalty, your relentless teasing about my very ‘english’ attitude to things, your sense of humour, your wit. I will miss knowing that no matter what you would love me, not out of blood connection, or social duty, but because you paid me the compliment of choosing me to be your friend. I will miss your moaning, your complaining and your shameless excuses for not doing what was expected of you. Mostly I will miss your company.

So please, when you write about Robin Williams don’t be lazy. He is gone. And I for one think that the world will have lost an intellect and talent that will impact beyond the realms of entertainment into many people’s everyday lives. You don’t have to know someone to admire them, or bear them affection. He is gone, but with the amazing body of work he leaves behind he is far from forgotten, and I for one mourn the fact that even with his fame and achievements he could felt alone and in darkness. Mental health is so important and those people who think discussing feelings and emotions is a lot of old slushy mumbo jumbo need to think again. Who would you turn to in the darkness? The choice is not obvious – I know from experience that it can feel there is no-one, even if you are greatly loved. Sorry for the tirade, but really people, sincerity is not that hard – or that weak.


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