2014 and counting.

The last year seems to have passed at a respectable speed. Some years whizz by and some drag, but 2013 steadily progressed with ups and downs undulating it along like a rather replete snake. A year of quite miserable arthritis is sobering and makes you narrow your horizons, but of late my knees have been less painful and therefore I have already started extending my dog walks, but I have not been back to aquafit or Riding for the Disabled yet, and they are more telling on my abilities.

I know my New Year’s Resolutions (rather carelessly and loosely made) probably won’t make it past March, but I still think it is healthy to reassess and consider how life will develop during the next year. My life will be on the up. I am determined to do more of the things I have wanted to do. I am fed up of holding my breath waiting for ‘such and such’ to happen before I embark on new experiences. So where it is possible, I will go for it.

As for my boys and Bob, well we have a wedding to look forwards to, confirming that our gorgeous future daughter-in-law is a fully-fledged family member; and there is a chance we will lose our younger son to Europe, but whatever happens they will all (including my elderly Mum and Aunt) continue to be the magnetic centre of my world (all wrapped up with dogs). It’s not bad is it? There are people who don’t belong, have no security, no plans … imagine how lonely and unfulfilled that would be. Responsibility and duty are not as limiting or heavy as they are cracked up to be.

Happy 2014.


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