How not to sleep productively

Actually this is not a comment – it’s a question.  In the small wee hours of the morning, when the wind is blowing and next door’s wooden chimes rattle pleasantly in low tones, I can almost feel calm about my lack of sleep, however I cannot ignore that I will be exhausted in the morning.  Everything is hushed and little sounds are magnified to the point that breathing seems to be an intrusion in the silence.  My keyboard sounds like a series of hammer blows that will surely wake the entire world and it is certainly only a matter of moments before the dogs bark in response.  Why oh why do I have this problem?  I want to sleep, I need to sleep and yet my body will not let me settle.  My excuse today is that the doods knocked me off my feet whilst walking on Kit Hill and I landed heavily on my coxis.  The pain was unbearable and I have had a very sore and uncomfortable evening.  Perhaps that triggered my infection again (don’t ask) and now I am up and down, unable to get comfortable and allowing my brain to become active again.  I suppose it gives me time to consider the nature of teenage bullying as raised by Gok Wan this evening in his programme, or to envy Stephen Fry on his way to New Zealand to take part in the Hobbit, or to think about the subtleties employed in the making of the film Twilight bearing in mind its young audience … and this leads me on to the successes experienced by so many cross generational authors like Stephanie Meyers and Anthony Horowitz…  Now that makes me think that I really should get back to my book, but I am too tired right now, so although I know I won’t be able to sleep, I’ll say Goodnight World.


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